New Broderson IC-250 Industrial Carry Deck Crane

New Broderson IC-250 Industrial Carry Deck Crane

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Ideal for lifting materials that requires a compact low-profile crane that can clear overhead obstacles and maneuver in tight spaces, the versatile Broderson IC 250 is ideal for many industrial and maintenance applications. Precise control and a heavy duty design to pick and carry large or massive loads, coupled with the steering flexibility to maneuver in tight spaces, will provide you with years of versatile operating performance.

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Capacity on Outriggers 36,000 lbs
Pick and Carry Capacity 18,500 lbs
Self-Loading Carry Deck Capacity 17,000 lbs
Height 7’11"
Width 7'10"
Maximum Tip Height 79'6" with boom extension
Maximum Horizontal Reach 70' with boom extension

Major Standard Features

Self-Loading Carry Deck provides practical load-carrying ability.

Sequentially Extending/Retracting 4-Section Boom with continuous 360 degree swing rotation turret. Simplicity of the worm drive gear box results in greater reliability.

Hoisting with a hydraulically-powered turret-mounted planetary gear system provides all the low speed power to lift heavy loads, yet also a high speed setting for faster cycle times when lifting lighter loads.

Hydraulic Power is provided by a direct driven tandem pump delivering 29 gpm.

Rated Capacity Limiter warns the operator of impending overload with audible and visual signals, and stops boom functions in the event of overloads.

Multiple Steering Configurations, including 4-Wheel Steer, where the front and rear wheels steer in opposite directions, permits a very tight turning radius for quick positioning in constrained spaces. Operator can quickly switch between rear-wheel steering, 4-wheel, or crab steering, aided by electronic sensors and a control box that automatically align the steering after a new mode is selected. Rear wheels steer in two-wheel drive mode.

EPA Tier 2 Woodward LPG Fuel Engine delivers efficient performance.

Powershift Transmission, with 4 speeds forward and reverse, minimizes bumps and jolts during shifting that is possible at any engine speed in any gear.

Heavy Duty Chassis Frame provides a front deck carrying capacity of 17,000 lbs.

Four Hydraulic Independently Controlled Outriggers

Rubber Mounted Rear Axle/Suspension eliminates sudden load swings inherent in pivot mounted axles; thus, axle oscillation lockouts are not required.

Drum Rotation Indicator improves operator productivity.

Outrigger Sensing on all jacks indicates outrigger position change, warnings when Jacks are not touching the ground. Each outrigger’s down and out position can be independently controlled and adjusted.

Easy Access to engine compartment and hydraulic equipment components simplifies maintenance and repair.

Low Profile Design ideal for tight work spaces and simplifies transportation by flatbed truck.

Available Features

Tier-4 Interim or Tier-4 Final Turbocharged Engine available.

All-Weather Cab with heater & defroster. Adjustable seat, provides one-position access to all operating functions.

4-Wheel Drive improves accessibility when encountering severe conditions at off-road sites.

Noise Reduction Kit

Air Conditioning

Auxiliary Winch

Boom Attachments

Boom Extension 20' (6.1m) offsetable to three positions (0 degree, 15 degree, 30 degree)

Boom Work Lights—one to light the boom tip, one mounted to turret, and to light the ground under boom tip—to keep working during the dusk to dawn operating hours.

Searcher Hook - Nose Mounted